Artificial Intelligence

    At present, from the perspective of global artificial intelligence development, competition in this field will mainly come from both China and the United States, and the competition between the two sides is becoming more and more obvious. The United States has always been a technological powerhouse and is a world leader in artificial intelligence. At the same time, China is catching up very fast, and has made remarkable progress in the fields of face recognition and speech recognition. Both the Chinese and American governments have adopted artificial intelligence as the strategic direction of the future. They have formulated relevant development strategies and action plans, and promoted them from the national strategic level. The US government's artificial intelligence report reflects the strategic direction of maintaining its leading edge in the new era.

    There are about 300,000 talents in the global AI field, and the market demand is in the order of millions. Among them, there are about 100,000 colleges and universities, and about 200,000 people in the industrial field are in the field of artificial intelligence. The United States, China, Japan and the United Kingdom are the world's four leading countries, and Israel and Canada also focus on planning. The UK has done the best in terms of AI “morality and legalization”, while Japan is leading the field in robotic application AI. The United States is the world’s well-deserved leader in AI technology.

    It also has the largest number of AI startups in the world. China's AI development has been included in the policy support, and the Chinese government hopes to become a world leader in AI technology in 2030.

    However, the global AI field faces a huge shortage of talents. According to the white paper, there are about 300,000 talents in the global AI field, and the market demand is in the order of millions. Due to the tight talents, the annual salary of AI engineers with years of experience can reach The level of 300,000 to 500,000 US dollars. Especially after AlphaGo defeated Li Shishi, artificial intelligence reached an unprecedented height in the global thermal agenda. Since the birth of 1956, artificial intelligence has never been like this, with the support of data, algorithms, Internet and other technologies,

    Reshape our world. Governments are also actively developing policies to increase their competitiveness in smart applications. In 2016, the White House Science and Technology Policy Office established a machine learning program.

    The Artificial Intelligence Sub-Committee has issued three reports, which in-depth study of the impact of artificial intelligence-driven automation on the economy and proposed three major coping strategies in the United States. In 2016, the UK developed the strategic plan for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, hoping to become a global leader in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence systems. In China, “artificial intelligence” was written into the “13th Five-Year Plan” of China. In May 2016, the China Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Central Network Information Office jointly issued four ministries

    ""Internet +" Artificial Intelligence Three-Year Action Implementation Plan", "to give full play to the leading role of artificial intelligence technology innovation, and support the "Internet +" entrepreneurial innovation in various industry sectors,

    Cultivate new kinetic energy for economic development. The artificial intelligence plan for 2030 is about to be released. China's artificial intelligence research and development will enter the system promotion stage after top-level design. At present, the knowledge boundary of artificial intelligence is not clearly determined.

    At present, many traditional fields are introducing or developing artificial intelligence theory methods and technologies. The demand for artificial intelligence talents may be far more than 5 million to train international artificial intelligence professionals for the society. ACA has launched the registration of international artificial intelligence engineers. The training certification aims to provide professional artificial intelligence engineers to the society and contribute to the improvement of the level of artificial intelligence technology in the world.