In the era of globalization, the financial industry is booming. Whether it is developed or developing countries, the financial industry is the leader of the global professional pyramid. In the statistics of the average income level of the industry in the world, the financial industry ranked first. Therefore, the financial industry has become the first choice for the career development of countless young elites. At the same time, in recent years, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, China's financial market is now beginning to become internationalized, and the demand for highly professional talents is urgent;

    The professionalism, complexity and variety of finance, and the rapid development of new financial technology and new technologies in recent years; due to the failure to effectively update relevant knowledge of policy and risk management, the current financial scams in the market are endless and the types of customers are divided. The professional diversity of customer needs and the development of wealth management technology with the development of quantitative financial technology, programmatic trading, and intelligent investment platforms have all led to a stronger demand for financial professionals. In this context, as a practitioner of wealth management “doctors”, how to achieve their image and comprehensive wealth management capabilities through systematic learning, assessment, certification and practical application, and to help customers and goals The achievement of wealth goals and life goals by customers is the trend of the industry and the top priority of future work. With the continuous development of opening up, the wealth management industry has also shown the characteristics of internationalization and diversification, and talent cultivation must also conform to this trend. It aims to train a group of financial projects with professional, professional and international financial professionals.

    As an international professional certification body, the American Certification Association (ACA) will focus on the high-end market in the future, and cultivate more financial professionals with a combination of theory and practice. The future will be cultivated with financial product research and analysis, fund managers, investment managers, and securities. Companies, insurance companies, commercial banks, wealth management managers, trust and investment companies, etc.