Health training has a long history in countries all over the world. The market for etiquette training is very strong, and the etiquette trainers have a lot of income.

    High-quality etiquette trainers have a daily salary of more than $300-400. At present, the etiquette culture market in the Asian market, especially in China, has not yet been fully developed.

    Local etiquette and etiquette trainers are even more difficult.In view of the above situation, business etiquette training has grown from scratch, from weak to strong, and has played a certain role in improving competitiveness and improving service levels for organizations.The industries that received etiquette training earlier mainly included window industries such as hotels, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. These industries have earlier awareness of standard services and have gradually formed

    The systematic training system is basically in the form of full staff training. In the past two years, relevant institutions such as finance, insurance, securities, and banking have begun to recognize the importance of professional etiquette training.

    And included in the content of employee training. The more prominent change in the near future is that the functional departments of all levels of government have also begun to pay attention to service awareness, and various departments have successively realized professional etiquette.The importance of training and the professional etiquette training of civil servants are gradually showing an increasing trend.

    In order to train international ceremonial trainer professionals for the society, ACA has launched a training certification for registered international ceremonial trainers, aiming to provide professional etiquette services to the society.

    To contribute to the improvement of national etiquette.